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Fri 23 March 2018
Java REST API with Jackson Annotations and Jackson JSON
Thu 22 March 2018
Java REST API with JAX-RS, Jetty, and Jersey
Sun 10 December 2017
Arcanum on Windows 10 (Windowed or Fullscreen)
Sat 25 November 2017
Unexplained TLS Handshake Failure
Wed 22 November 2017
Multihoming with source based routing.
Tue 17 October 2017
WordPress Multisite Network Redirect Loop
Mon 16 October 2017
r/Sysadmin - "...Waiting for XYZ routine to complete."
Mon 11 September 2017
Failing authorization to an SMTP Relay: An Implication of Innocent Web Design
Sun 03 September 2017
Windows Server 2012 R2 manual reparation of UEFI system bootloaders.
Sat 01 July 2017
Converting MKV to MP4 with Windows Subsystem for Linux and FFMPEG