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Windows 7 Installer with USB 3.0 and NVMe Drivers Slipstreamed

  • Sun 28 April 2019
  • Tech

The original Windows 7 Installation media does not have support for USB 3.0 or NVMe devices. This creates a situation where Windows 7 cannot be installed to systems that do not feature SATA components.

The solution is modification of the Windows 7 installation .wim (Windows Imaging Format) files by manual addition of the required drivers. This process is laborious and time intensive.

Conveniently, Gigabyte supply a tool called "Windows USB Installation Tool" Asia China America Europe which is effectively a GUI that automates the whole process.

It's super easy, assuming you already have a Windows 7 installation USB:

  • Ignore the Sourec Path(CD-ROM) field
  • Set the Destination Path(USB Drive) field to be your Windows 7 USB
  • Tick the three seashells
  • Hit Start.

GIGABYTE Windows USB Installation Tool B16.0120.01

Come back in about 20 minutes and you're good to go, plug the USB drive back into the system that was giving you grief and you'll be pleased to find a lack of HI I'M CORTANA.

Download Mirror

Because these resources seem to go missing and all documentation referencing them leads to dead ends, I'm supplying a mirror of this tool here: mb_utility_windowsimagetool.zip.

This zip contains a copy of the "GIGABYTE Windows USB Installation Tool" at version B16.0120.01

7b92dfb3b8c699cd4f8af1c91698d329ccca54f7  mb_utility_windowsimagetool.zip
37a3501f65c9ac3d4d2a87d69357c0bd  mb_utility_windowsimagetool.zip